Full endorsements for "Women and C.S. Lewis"

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“What a great read! Women and C.S. Lewis takes readers on a carefully curated journey through his life and literature. Nimble editing by Curtis and Key weaves together a tapestry of voices that clearly depicts Lewis’ high regard and respect for women, refuting critics who try to discredit Lewis because of his effectiveness in explaining the life of Christian faith.”

Carol Pipes Editor of Facts & Trends magazine, LifeWay, Nashville

“This collection of voices makes the point so solidly – that C.S. Lewis was emphatically not a woman-hater but ahead of his time in his attitudes toward them – with such variety of experience, eloquence of expression, and annotated proof, that I felt a sadness at turning the last page. Like saying goodbye to a motley collection of old friends after a long anticipated, stimulating, memory-making reunion and wondering if we would ever again gather in the same way.”

Connie Cavanaugh Lewis admirer, speaker, author. Hear her speak and see her books at www.conniecavanaugh.com. Alberta, Canada

“It’s about time! Many seem to think C.S. Lewis was a misogynist, who lived in a stuffy, male dominated, academic world, and we finally have a book that addresses this. The matter is far more complex than some have charged. The judgments against Lewis are generally made by people who have not read him deeply and certainly not for any great length of time. Curtis and Key have put together a cadre of some of the best Lewis thinkers who know the material and can write authoritatively on the matter. The judgments in this book are fair-minded, nuanced, and have no ax to grind. The editors simply desire to set the record straight, and, it’s about time.”

Jerry Root, PhD Wheaton College, Illinois, co-editor (with Wayne Martindale) of The Quotable C.S. Lewis and co-author (with Mark Neal) of The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis

“The stellar cast of thinkers assembled for this unique anthology delivers an astonishing array of insightful essays written with erudition and nuance. This is a substantial, original work of great merit; the editors, Curtis and Key, are to be commended for their inclusion of multiple viewpoints that grapple with Lewis’ stated beliefs, rendering them with clarity and diligence.”

Dr. Bruce L. Edwards Professor Emeritus, English and Africana Studies, Bowling Green State University (Ohio); Editor of C.S. Lewis: Life, Works, Legacy; Online Editor of The C.S. Lewis Review, www.cslewisreview.org. Willow, Alaska