Full endorsements for "Women and C.S. Lewis"

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An old book ready for reading

“Are you a woman who loves to think and create? You will find in these pages a brilliant scholar who honors your depth and complexity, who engages women like you in his personal correspondence and writes women of reason and imagination into his strong, winsome, female characters. Are you a man who wants to encourage women? You will learn from a man who not only engages women but learns from them. The book offers depth of scholarship and breadth of analysis of Lewis’ life and writings – all in an accessible style that will change the way you think about thinking women.”

Lael Arrington author of Faith and Culture: The Guide to a Culture Shaped by Faith (Zondervan, 2011). Columbia, South Carolina

“In Women and C.S. Lewis we do not meet ‘Jack’ Lewis the Feminist – there are no attempts to smooth over beliefs unacceptable today. Who we do meet is a Lewis who lived, corresponded, and collaborated with women, valuing, edifying, and enjoying their company. A remarkable melding of quick pace and ample information.”

Dr. Charlie W. Starr Professor, English and Humanities, and Program Chair, Humanities, Kentucky Christian University; author of Light: C.S. Lewis’ First and Final Short Story

“How refreshing and encouraging to be reminded that Lewis’ fictional heroines were brave, feisty, and thoughtful. I love that they could be anything their male counterparts could be, both good or bad.”

Gayle Roper award-winning, Pennsylvania-based novelist of a wide range of fiction from Allah’s Fire to Lost and Found

“I am convinced that C.S. Lewis well understood women because he took seriously the theology that before God we are all feminine.”

Dr. Paul F. Ford author of Companion to Narnia; Professor of Theology and Liturgy, St. John Seminary, Camarillo, California